Would it be a real cash-back or in the form of any rewards?

How can I earn cash-back through Cash-Finder?

It would be a real cash-back that you can either request to receive it into your bank account or redeem it on your next booking. 

What happens if I booked any service but not received cash-back confirmation?

If you don't receive any cash-back confirmation on your booking, you can simply rise a missing cash-back email by attaching a copy of your booking reference to us.  

Do you only work with startups and new companies or do you have a conjunction of old establishments as well? 

We usually work with a variety level of merchants whether they are new or long back established. Our vision is to help general public to find something excellent through us so we only list those merchants they have a dedicated functionality, best supportive and cost effective systemization.

When you book for any service at CF, you will be receiving cash back confirmation via email within next 48 hours. Once your cash back is confirmed, you will be receiving your cash back within 45 days to your associated bank or PayPal account.